Cold Brew Coffee: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Cold brew coffee is becoming a thing nowadays. Everyone wants to try it and a lot of people are raving about it. You know you are being left behind if you have yet to try it. If you have tried it, there is no doubt you would want to share the good word. There are pros and cons to this drink just like every other drink you know.

The Good – Easy to Make

It is pretty easy to make a cold brew as it won’t even take that long to do it. All it takes is having the right materials and you know what you are supposed to do with it. The best thing to buy would be a cold brew maker and the ingredients would be coffee beans and water. Later on, you will get used to it and you will be able to make it in batches.

The Bad – Addictive

It is possible you are going to forget about all the other coffee products when you try the cold brew. You can’t blame yourself for doing that because it is that good. Before you know it, you drank a lot already. There will be times when you find yourself craving for it so much that you will take time out from work just to get to the nearest coffee shop. There is nothing wrong with that if it makes you happy. However, too much of something is pretty bad for your health.

The Ugly – Contains Lots of Caffeine

Caffeine can do so many things to different people. One thing it will do is make you hyper. That is not so bad but you will be so active that you may do things you are going to regret later on. If it is productive things you do, then it won’t be so bad. The truth is it could also halt you from sleeping and you may not sleep the right number of hours. You may want to avoid cold brew during night time as it would be better to drink it during the morning so you will have tons of energy during the day.

In conclusion, you better know what you are getting yourself into when you try the cold brew. It is pretty similar to iced coffee but the taste is far from it. It would be better to opt for the plant-based option so that you won’t be supporting the harmful treatment of cows. Also, better take note of the expiry date. The last thing you would want to happen is for you to have a tummy ache after taking it. The expiry date is put in different parts of the bottle and it could even be put under it. You know you would not want to miss that as it could be an error on your part if you drank it when it is already expired. If it contains dairy products, it is not going to last long so drink it while it is still freshly made.