Just a spoon??

The other day my wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told her I wanted a spoon. 'Just a spoon?!' No, not just a spoon! I wanted the special edition, gun metal, Gray Kunz spoon.

Three things come to mind when someone mentions chef Gray Kunz. 1) An amazing award winning chef. 2) A crazy amazing chef because we would throw everything out at the end of service and start from scratch the next day. I mean everything- stocks, braises, sauces, reductions, everything; that is insane. 3) His spoon that he invented to give out to only his line cooks in his kitchen; a coveted prize.

As an ex industrial designer, I appreciate  the design on this spoon for it's clean simplicity. It is perfectly balanced, highly functional, powerfully sized and just a must tool in a chefs 'roll'. So no not just a spoon but rather a piece of history, a beautiful design and a partner cooking on the line with me.