Hey everyone! My name is Geoff and I’m the guy behind The Wild Horse Cafe. I’m glad you found my little corner of the Cloud.

I’m all about simple things that make life more fun. Good food and drink, home design, and pretty much anything that enhances one’s enjoyment of living. I’ve put together a lot of recipes, design ideas, and useful life hacks on The Wild Horse Cafe that are easy for you to use.

The thing about living well is that you don’t have to be wealthy. Many of the things I’ll show you are affordable yet elegant. They’re designed for people like me who have active lifestyles and time constraints. What I want to show you are some great ideas that won’t dent your budget or your schedule.

Something you’ll discover is that I’m a pretty down home guy. Most of the things I will share with you reflect an appreciation for the laid-back culture of the American West. Things move a little slower in my neck of the woods and we like to pause to appreciate the finer things. Good times with family and friends, a nice meal shared with a significant other, and homey surroundings. These are high on my list of favorites.